Saturday, October 28, 2006

Marmite face

Alex has developed a taste for Marmite. Marmite sandwiches, Marmite on toast and Marmite in mashed veggies.
Unfortunately Marmite is very messy and is like glue once it gets on the floor. For some reason Marmite sandwiches wont stay together but a bit of bread with Marmite on it will require a knife to chisel it off the floor.
Here's Alex being a happy little Marmite (doesn't quite flow as well as Vegemite).

We had the TV on tonight, on a show with a live audience, and every time the audience clapped, Alex did too.
Alex has well and truly mastered the skill of standing up without having to pull up on something so now when he has a spill he can get up without having to crawl his way to the nearest piece of furniture (or adult). It is so nice to see him this mobile, even if it's exhausting.
Today he expanded his mobility to include an extra dimension. Yep he went up. He still can't reach to climb onto the sofa but he found his way up onto the lounge chair over and over again today. Not to sit on though, he wanted to stand on it. Unfortunately he thinks he can go from standing on the chair to the floor in one step, head first. We have to teach him to sit first and climb off feet first. Still it's exciting to see him finally climbing on the furniture. Not that I want him climbing on the furniture but it's another natural development step he has reached.

No photos of furniture climbing, I was too busy catching him :) but here's more photos from the beach.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Beach baby

Today Alex and I went to the beach with Mom and Dad.
It was supposed to be a hot day so Dad picked a beach with lots of shade. So much for the hot day though. It was hot before we left but we had thunder and lightning, rain on the way and then a cool breeze, cold water and only patches of sunlight while we were there. It worked out well though. I didn't have to worry to much about Alex getting sunburned and it wasn't too hot for any of us.
Alex had a great time running around on the beach but didn't want to go in the water. He still ended up wet though and very sandy.
I wanted to get some good photos of him but now he is walking (running) he just doesn't want to stay put for a photo. Every time he sees me in front of him he turns around and heads the other way. He has photographers child syndrome already!
I still took a pile of photos, mostly of his back. The camera stuffed up at one point. All my photos were turning out dreadfully over exposed no matter what settings I tried and then I got the dreaded error 99 and couldn't turn the camera off. Anyway after a bit of playing around with the battery and the memory card things came good again but I lost a lot of the photos I'd already taken and those that saved are too overexposed to be any good. Mind you I haven't had a look at them yet.
I've got lots of photos to go through so I wont be getting them all done tonight. Here's the first lot I've downloaded from the camera.

Alex had a cardboard coffee cup (from our morning coffee) which he had fun with. His Grandma gave it to him thinking he would use it to play in the water but after trying to drink the water from it he settled for just carrying it around. He had some shells in it at one point until he tried to eat them.

He didn't know what to do with sand on his hands.

Yep that's me trying to get him to walk in the water.