Thursday, July 05, 2007


It's a houseful of germs here now.
I have the flu, lots of aches and pains and snot. Graham may or may not have the same thing. He has the sore throat and head etc but doesn't have all the runny nose and congestion. Alex has a bit of a runny nose, a bit of a cough, a bit of a wheeze and lots of grumpiness.
I can't sleep because it's worse at night and I have to keep blowing my nose. My nose is soooo raw now.
I'm trying hard not to breathe on Alex or Graham in case what they have isn't the same and the last thing I want is Alex to get this sick. It's hard not cuddling and kissing him. Graham being a man is already dieing so it can't get much worse for him.
So it's been an awful week and today we had a leaky nappy, vomiting cat and vomiting child with 3 loads of washing just to make it a really special day.
Whoops Graham just walked in the door, he's been at the Dr's and he has tonsillitis. Lets hope he keeps that to himself. Means he will be off work again tomorrow which means another day with no routine for Alex.
I had hoped to get my haircut this week, take Alex to see Hi-5 and catch up with Jodi but so far I haven't got out at all. At least the wedding invites for R&R are finally finished. The final assembly took a few days once the printing and cutting was finished. Printing was delayed by not enough card and envelopes. R&R bought the paper supplies before they decided and what they wanted in the invites and how many they needed. I did my best to get the most out of every scrap of paper but in the end only had enough for the grooms invites and had to spend Saturday hunting for matching card and envelopes for the brides invites. Yep we had his and hers style invites. His all had printed names and addresses too and I wish I could have printed a disclaimer on the back that I am not responsible for any errors there. When I first got the spreadsheet of names and addresses I found 2 spelling mistakes in the first line so sent it back with instructions to check and double check all details. So of course the first person to receive their invite called up to say their name was wrong. It was the grooms sister! That will be an amusing story at the wedding.
Alex has a new hair cut! He looks like a different child with his hair short, looks more golden too. I've noticed over the last few days the texture is changing too, like it is thickening up.
Alex's favourite snack food atm is cheerios, dry, but the problem is I have to either keep handing them out one at a time or hold the bowl for him because no matter what I put them in he always forgets and shakes it and they end up all over the floor. Well not any more! He has a snack trap now. It's brilliant. I can fill it with cheerios and he can carry it around and shake it etc and they stay in. He has worked out how to make them fall out if he wants but usually he is happy just to fish them out and eat them. Though he has also developed a habit of putting them in strange places. I had to fish a whole cheerio out of his ear the other day, lucky it was whole I guess. Now I check his ears and nose frequently throughout the day.
Saturday we went everywhere after paper supplies so Alex had a really good run in the new car and he enjoyed it. We found the nice big boot makes a great change table, on the inside, but it takes 2 to change Alex in it because someone has to hold the lid open :)
Alex doesn't demand to watch the 'tee' anymore, now he demands to watch 'A'. He just loves watching the home movie DVDs of himself. 'A' for AJ. If I put something like teletubbies or playschool on for him which he normally likes, it's just not good enough now, he wants 'A'. He laughs and repeats things from the movie. Problem is the one he is watching now is from May/June last year and features him refusing food, shaking his head and talking gibberish, so of course he is copying that now. We have to get the camera out and make some new movies. We tried showing him our wedding DVD but he wasn't interested because he wasn't in it. Kept asking for 'A'.
ummm what else is news. Graham went go kart racing at Eastern Creek on Friday and won. We had 5 kilos of coffee delivered and that's as exciting as it gets. Counting the days till Mom and Dad get home and restore my sanity.

Lovely short hair and a mouth full of cheerios.

is that another cheerio? At least it's in his mouth not his ear.

This is the snack trap and it has a lid too so we can put it in the nappy bag.

The finished invites. These are the brides version.