Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter

Just some quick photos before I'm off line for a few days. I'm in the middle of a computer upgrade. Graham gets my old computer and I get a new one. It's all built and the next step is transferring my drives across and getting my software working. This always ends up taking longer than planned so safest to assume I wont have a working PC for a while.
Today we took Alex to his other Nana's. We had planned an Easter Egg hunt but as it was raining and cold and he and I both still have colds I figured we wouldn't end up outside so I only took the little point and shoot camera with us. It's not very good but a lot easier to carry. As it turns out I was out voted and we ended up doing the egg hunt anyway so I have some snapshot type photos. Luckily Alex was warmly dressed and survived the weather OK. I was freezing the whole time and feel all full of flu again tonight but Alex had fun. He slept for hours when we got home, got up and had dinner then asked to go back to bed!
Here's my cool dude in the car on the way out.

His favourite thing is popping balloons so he had a ball with these balloons with eggs hidden in them.

I made a citrus cheesecake yesterday. It looked great until I took it out of the tin and the base crumbled. Tasted good though.

Alex eating noodles, I think he likes them. Just plain japanese noodles that I use for stirfry.

Alex with Tedda.

Alex loves cooking and asked several times a day to make a cake.
Here's the first cake he made.

Check out the beans growing on my coffee bush. Lots of growing to do but it looks like it will be a huge crop. Every branch looks like this.

In baby news everything is going well. Measuring spot on for dates. Will be 12 weeks on Wednesday. Had bloods done today ready for the NT scan the end of the month. All day morning sickness queasiness continues but I feel a lot better after a dose of antibiotics to clear up a chest infection. I'm hungry all the time but I don't seem to have much room for my stomach so it gets really uncomfortable after a meal.
I have one hospital booked and I'm waiting on an appointment to book the other (in case I go prem).
Graham is doing well with my daily injections. It's actually funny sometimes when the needle bounces off my belly and some of the things we come up with to get Alex out of the way so he doesn't see whats going on. It's a good thing Alex likes helping so things like 'go and look out the window and tell me if you can see the garbage truck please' actually work :) He's quick though so we have have to have the next mission ready as soon as we hear him coming back.
Anyway happy Easter!