Sunday, April 29, 2007

My Sonshine

More photos from the garden today.
First this is what I had to get past to get out.
Tilly does this when we are outside and she wants out. Alex was the other side of the door encouraging her.

These grapefruit were lined up under the tree. I asumed Graham had done this and he thought I had. The conclusion is either Alex did it without us seeing him or we have a strange neighbour (or maybe a special tree).

I was delibrately shooting into the sun today. Just for a challenge.
Alex's hair is so fine it gets completely burnt out by the sun and the light shines through his ears.

He wanted to play peek-a-boo behind the BBQ but for some reason he would hide and say 'where's dada'. Graham said he didn't teach Alex that so not sure where that one comes from.

Don't know what the tear is from. He wasn't crying, he was spinning the washing line around by pulling the sheet. It must have been the sun or maybe the washing caught him in the eye.

He pulled apart a few pegs and played up and down and 'round and 'round with the clothes line.

and he found another flower.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Push the little daisies

Alex had his first corn on the cob tonight.
I remember when my brother had his first corn on the cob. He was younger than Alex at the time but he loved it.
For some reason I thought Alex would love it too so I had the camera ready to catch the big moment.
Nope, he hated it.

Today was a bit cold and soggy still but it wasn't raining so Alex got to play outside. Yah!
My new
grevillea has 2 flowers almost fully out now. The flower is a lot more lime green than I expected from a plant called 'Golden Lyre'. I expected gold.
Still it could look stunning when I have a plant full of flowers, one day. The weird thing is the flies really seem to like it. There were flies on both flowers.

Alex said 2 new words today. The first thing he did when he got outside was make a beeline for some dandelions on the lawn. He picked one, showed it to me and said 'flower' quite clearly then smelled it. Later he went up to the grevillea and said flower again.
He also said 'star' today. He loves drawing but today he wanted me to draw as well. So I drew a star and said star for him. He kept saying 'more' and I kept drawing stars until he started saying 'star'. What a clever little boy!

Alex and his flower!

and we had some more mowing.

some clever climbing

How grown up does my little man look when you can't see his fine baby hair?

Telling me that the clothes line goes 'round and 'round and then he discovered he had a broken nail.

Monday, April 23, 2007

weekend photos

I've got heaps of photos from the weekend so I better put some up before I get too far behind. I'm sure I'll get told there's too many photos but I take too many and this may be all I ever do with them.
The weekend didn't go to plan and wasn't much fun really. Alex was unsettled and didn't want to eat or nap. We ended up having to take him for a drive Saturday night just to get him to have a bottle after he had refused to eat and drink most of the day. We've found when nothing else works he will drink a bottle of milk in the car.
Sunday he was cranky, tired and hyper all day. He didn't want to have a nap and cried so hard when we put him in his cot that he threw up and I ended up with another load of washing. We tried all sorts of games to wear him out and he was running around like crazy but he still wouldn't stop. In the end we packed him in the car and went to Ikea. He loves Ikea and so do I :) We got some new lights for the lounge and dining room. I've been hating the light fittings since we moved in 6 years ago but we couldn't agree on new ones. Then we were given pendant lamp for the dining room and Graham finally got around to fitting it yesterday. Problem was it hung too low for us to walk under. It would be fine over the dining table but we move the dining table to one end of the room when not in use which means we walk under the light fitting. So that wasn't going to work so my suggestion of Ikea to calm Alex down had a second purpose :) Graham fit the new dining light last night, by torch light after he shorted the power :( The lounge room light will have to wait until he can do it in daylight.

Ok here's some photos of Alex helping with the washing and playing outside. He was so tired but a bundle of energy.

He loves the washing trolley.

His face goes so red when he runs around, mostly in a band all around the sides.

He gets clumsy when he is tired so he kept falling over but he thought it was funny.

I found this dandelion under the car when Alex was saying goodbye to his Grandma on Saturday. I had to be very careful not to lose anymore fluffs (great technical term) from it before I could photograph it. I wanted to try some shots using different backgrounds though I got too caught up in the the shooting to bother setting up any decent lighting or even the tripod so what I got was not as good as it could have been but it worked as a test of my idea so I may or may not work on this again some time.
So here's some dandelions.