Saturday, October 11, 2008

Climbing the stairway to heaven

What a day! Alex went to day care where he got hit over the head with a book by another child, Dad came over and built the stairs to our wonderland room, and Ben has been unsettled all day.
Right now he still wont settle and it's 4am. It's bad enough having to make do with sleep in between 3 hourly feeds but even worse if he wont settle between those feeds. This kid just does not want to sleep!
So if I must be awake at least I can blog. I'm having internet problems though so don't know if this will upload. My last few blog posts had to be done over and over again as the images were corrupting during upload. Since then I've found it's not just blogger, I'm having trouble with just about any site that requires a login or upload. We have yet to determine if the problem is my computer, software, the 'new' router or Grahams rewiring of the cabling in the garage. Trouble shooting will have to wait until we both have our hands free, ie when Ben is asleep.

So today Dad installed THE stairs! Nice safe full width stairs so we can get in and out of the room above the garage. They are a work of art too :)
Here's the progress shots. Dad's standing on a ladder in the garage here and that's the 4'6" door above him.

All done and they even hold my weight! They still need carpet and paint to finish but we have to panel the room next.

Ben had his first shower tonight. It was part of a plan to wear him out and make him all warm and sleepy but it didn't work. He liked the water when he was under it but wasn't too happy to be held out for a photo. I had to make the photo black and white because there's a limit to how much pale pink flesh I want on my blog :P

After his bath Ben had one of his quietest ever nappy changes. Not really a change though, just a dressing, but it was nice not to have any screaming. He looked so cute too. I hate the dummy though. The hospital got him started on this dummy. It's part of the process of learning to suck for tube fed babies and most of the time Ben doesn't need it but when he is screaming we'll try anything.

At the moment the change table is a mat on top of my dresser, just until we can move Ben into his own room and get the change table off Alex. Above the dresser I have a mirror on the wall and on the mirror is a black and white photo of Graham and Alex. Alex always liked looking at black and white pictures when he was a baby. He had one stuck on the wall next to his change table, a geometric design. I haven't had time to print something out for Ben yet so I gave him this black and white photo to look at.

I finally got around to uploading some layouts tonight. These are layouts I did a while ago but didn't get to upload because I was in hospital (cept the baby fat one, that had to wait until after I got home for a photo and journaling). They were supposed to be uploaded for Tara Dunstan's opening spot at a new store but it's turned out OK because now she has a whole new store called La-Di-Da Studios and it looks great. Luckily it's one of the few sites that would work for me tonight so I've uploaded these and will spread them to a few more galleries later if I can get things working again. You can find the credit/kit links for these in my La-Di-Da gallery. These are all that's there so far because it's an all new site. and typically I can't even log in there now but I was able to upload earlier. This internet is getting worse and worse.


Phill and Melissa said...

Wow I love your layouts
Thanks for your comment on the CT blog - excuse the blog-vertising! :) Come back for more challenges and chance to win a $5 gift card!

Mary said...

Your layouts are excellent, and love the new baby pics, he's a doll. Congrats as he's still fairly new and sweet ;)
I LOL at the pics of your ds with the tummy, LOL funny and he's to cute.

Lucky you to have a dad that knows how to do these things, Looks good.