Thursday, April 03, 2008

13 week belly shot

Last pregnancy I didn't get any belly shots. I kept thinking there would be plenty of time for them in the 3rd trimester and then missed out completely.
This pregnancy I'm going to get some belly shots even if I have to do my own :)
At this stage it's more fat than anything else but here's 13 weeks and 1 day. Sorry about the boobs but I tried it with a shirt on first and couldn't hold my shirt out of the way properly so I just looked fat in a big shirt. I took this with the self timer and the camera balanced on a pile of books while standing against my yellow computer room door. Would have probably been better without Jim's old trackies :) Alex couldn't resist getting in the shot, he loves the camera. He thought Mama's belly hanging out was funny and gave me a few pats on the belly.

I still don't have the new computer finished. Just lots of little things to sort out. Missing dlls etc.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Latest family photo :)

Things are getting back on track here. My new computer is up and running, I just have to get all the software working still and move 2 more hard drives and the DVD drive across. Right now I'm reinstalling the most important part, Photoshop CS3, after 3 days waiting on help from Adobe support. Looks like the net and email are working now but I need to make sure all my email is copied across still. I used some old software to replicate my programs and files across and it looks like most of it worked except things like photoshop. Currently I'm running both PCs and networking and remote desktopping to get everything working. I hate this stage, it's too much like housekeeping, but once it's done, aside from the regular 2 drives per year I have fail, the new system should last me quite a while. It's an intel machine which is something new for me, I've been an AMD fan up till now.
I know Jim will want to know the details so it's an Intel core 2 quad Q6600 2.4GHz
Gigabyte motherboard, heat pipes, no fans.
Geforce 8800 GT graphics, Sparkle brand with heat pipes, no fan.
2 x 500GB drives, 2 x 320Gb and probably 1 or 2 x 200GB. Depends how many drives I feel like leaving behind for Graham :)
Graham will have my old PC which means we will both have nice quiet Antec cases. It really does make a difference having a quiet case. I just have to be sure the everything on the new PC is up and running correctly then I'll format the left over drives and Graham gets to go through the same process with his 'new' PC.
I'm looking forward to having everything working so I can catch up on things.
More important news is the baby is growing well. I've hit 13 weeks and the morning sickness/all day queasiness is sticking around. If anything it's worse but now the flu has cleared up I can handle it a lot easier. The trick seems to be to get up slowly in the morning and not try to clean my teeth before things have settled. Graham has been brilliant at getting up and toileting/feeding Alex in the morning before work and then he gives me my daily injection and then I have 10mins to recover before I have to get up and take over. Eating every 2 hours helps but I have to be careful not to eat too much as I get full very quickly.
I've been seeing the OB every couple of weeks, continuing with my clexane injections and monitoring my BP. Still waiting to hear back from one hospital about a booking in appointment, I'm going to have to chase them.
Yesterday I had my NT plus scan. The results came back as high risk for downs syndrome but really low risk for Trisomy 18 and 13. My age made me high risk for downs to start with 1/98 and one of my blood results came back .05 over the acceptable level which made things worse but the scan itself was good and gave me good odds so in the end I am only just high risk 1/247. Apparently the cut off for high risk is 1/300. It wasn't news we wanted to hear. Funny how when a Dr greets you all sugary sweet you can tell they don't have good news. The Dr gave us all our options for further testing and outlined the risks but after much discussion and research we have decided not to have any further testing. The risks aren't worth it and the scan looked really good. The babies NT measurement was normal and there's a visible nasal bone. So I'm feeling pretty good about things. It was too soon to determine the sex according to the scan tech, standard response at this stage but as she was scanning I'm sure I saw boy bits twice as she quickly moved over the area. It could have been the cord but when she pointed out the cord I couldn't actually see it. I'm still hoping for a girl but it sure looked like boy bits to me. We'll know in about 5 weeks :)
Jnr was moving around, waving and kicking. He/she has lovely long legs and we could see the little heart beating, 170bpm.
Here's some photos.
If you can't tell it's a head and chest shot, thats his face on the right, side profile, see the nose and jaw?

In this one you can see the little hand waving. He/she kept putting her hands over her face and wasn't very cooperative about lying side on it's back for the NT measurement. The scan tech had to poke and jiggle my belly a lot to get him to turn over. I think my laughing would have been more than enough jiggling, I didn't really need the poking on a full bladder and on the injection bruises on my belly.