Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day

Ok so that's a photo left over from my birthday but here's one from Valentines Day :)
Graham gave me a handmade Cadbury Creme Egg bouquet. A huge surprise because VD is such a none event here. I gave up trying to make it an occasion years ago. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I'm off chocolate atm, just don't feel like it. I can't taste anything with the flu.

I cut Alex's hair yesterday. He kept asking me too and in the end I had to give in before he did it himself. I don't know why he wanted it done but he kept saying 'cut hair' and trying to drag me into the bathroom. So it's done and it wasn't easy while he was trying to watch what I was doing. All his curls are gone again and I was surprised at how much came off. Once again he looks so much bigger and older with his curls gone.
Photos taken when he had just finished eating Thai red curry with his fingers.

Alex is just getting over a cold but has given it to me. I am sick sick sick! So Alex is staying at my parents tonight so they can take him to Gymbaroo in the morning.
Why does Alex always have a cold around his birthday?
His other Nan brought a cake around for him on the weekend.

and a bike helmet that fits really well, a blue rubber duck and an electric car that we don't have room for and it wont hold a charge so it doesn't work. Every time Alex sees it I'm plagued with constant demands to make it work and I can't and Alex can't accept that so we usually end up with tears.

Nana also showed Alex how to stick tooth picks into a potato

Luckily he still loves his scooter so as long as he doesn't see the car he is happy. Photos pre hair cut.

Alex is in the big bed now. In the end we just had to move him. He was making no attempt to get out of the cot but I'm hoping that sleeping in the bed will make it easier to toilet train him. The idea is that now he can get up and go to the bathroom in the morning without waiting for us to get him out of the cot.
It doesn't quite work that way though. He wakes up, sits up, wets his nappy, it leaks and he calls out 'more wee, more wee' until we fetch him to the bathroom. Not fun but he loves the bed.

Here's some snaps taken with the little point and shoot camera.
On our afternoon walk. Alex doesn't pedal, he just likes to be pushed. Unfortunately he removed and lost the bolt that holds the Dada handle in place so it's not very easy to push him and impossible to steer.

In scrapping news I still haven't got around to announcing here that I made it to the GDS supreme team. So ta dah! I got through all 4 rounds and on to the team of 12 winners. It was a tough comp. So hard to guess who would make it. Some of the people I thought were a sure thing didn't get through :( So I'm now on the 3 designers creative teams and the GDS site creative team.
The big part of our supreme team duties is to produce 6 layouts a month, one for each of 6 kits we are given. As we complete each layout and upload it to the required sites we get access to the next kit and so on. Once we have finished all 6 kits we can request our own choice next.
I've finished my 6 for February already and I've just finished my first personal choice kit. Also been doing my layouts for Amy, Shana and Theresa.
It's fun being creative and challenging when you never know what kit you'll have to work with. Some are so not my style but once I start I find, well I guess my style is adaptable :) I keep thinking at some point I'll run out of ideas but it hasn't happened yet. I think I've done all the current GDS challenges and some on other sites too. This flu has slowed me down a little. When Mom and Dad took Alex this afternoon I would normally have taken advantage of the quiet to scrap but instead I went to bed.
Here's the most of the layouts I did for the supreme team. One I'm saving for later :)
For credits please go to my GDS gallery here. It would take me forever to link individual credits and I need to get to bed. If I get time tomorrow I'll come back and edit in the links.
This one's a double page layout.

This one's a double spread too.

and a few of the latest for my CTs.
Here's Amy's Grunge Prince kit.

Shana's Cool Dude kit

and Spring Fling kit.

Theresa's Lovey Dovey

and Marvelous

as you can see I get to work with some beautiful kits :)

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Alex's Birthday

Happy 3rd birthday my beautiful blue eyed boy!
Alex is now a very happy, healthy and active 3yo.

His Dada got him a bubble blower for his birthday. It's for outdoors but it was dark and cold tonight and he didn't want to wait. That's his new watch he is wearing too. I don't expected it to last long but it was a freebie :) His Nana and Grampy gave him a scooter which he loves so much we had tears when he couldn't take it to bed with him. He kept saying 'play scoota'.

Hard to believe this was him less than 3 years ago. He has come so far and so well.